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The division of neuropathology at MSU is committed to providing the most comprehensive and most effective neuropathology education possible. In support of this mission, we maintain an archive of literally thousands of neuropathology images, hundreds of glass slides representing the gamut of neuropathological processes, as well as electron photomicrographs and gross brains. We house an Olympus BX-41 light microscope with seven objectives from 1.25X to 100X, attachments for viewing, fluorescence microscopy cubes, and digital imaging software. We further have extensive involvement in curriculum development at both human medical colleges at MSU and interact regularly with the College of Veterinary Medicine. Formal didactic efforts in addition to those within the medical colleges include: 1) weekly neuropathology reviews at Sparrow Hospital, attended by neurology residents, interns, and medical students; 2) monthly gross neuropathology conferences in concert with mid-Michigan forensic pathologists; 3) monthly interdisciplinary brain tumor conferences, regularly attended by Lansing area neurosurgeons, neurologists, and neuro-oncologists; and 4) monthly neuromuscular pathology reviews at Fee Hall.

For questions related to any of the above educational activities, please contact:

Rudy Castellani, MD
B218 Clinical Center
138 Service Road
East Lansing, MI 48824
(517)353-8122 ext 171 (office)
(517)432-6459 (lab)
(517)364-2187 (Sparrow Hospital office)

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